Created Modified
Jun 4 Jun 4 titel autor German
May 3 Jun 3 Ending Aging Aubrey de Grey English
May 3 May 3 Divine Comedy Dante Italian
May 3 May 3 Dream of the Red Chamber Cao Xueqin, Cao Xueqin Chinese
May 3 May 3 War and Peace Leo Tolstoy Russian
May 3 May 3 A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens English
May 3 May 3 Jacques le fataliste et son maître Denis Diderot French
May 3 May 3 The Sorrows of Young Werther Johann Wolfgang von Goethe German
May 3 May 3 The Terror Dan Simmons English
May 3 May 3 The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry French
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