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<p><span><i>The Terror</i> is the name of a 2007 novel by American author Dan Simmons.</span><span> T</span><span>he novel is a fictionalized account of </span><a href="" title="Franklin's lost expedition">Captain Sir John Franklin's lost expedition</a><span> of </span><a href="" title="HMS Erebus (1826)">HMS <i>Erebus</i></a><span> and </span><a href="" title="HMS Terror (1813)">HMS<i>Terror</i></a><span> to the </span><a href="" title="Arctic">Arctic</a><span> to force the </span><a href="" title="Northwest Passage">Northwest Passage</a><span> in 1845 - 1848. In the novel, while Franklin and his crew are plagued by starvation and scurvy and forced to contend with mutiny and cannibalism, they are stalked across the bleak Arctic landscape by a monster.</span> </p><p>The characters featured in <i>The Terror</i> are almost all actual members of Franklin's crew, whose unexplained disappearance has warranted a great deal of speculation. The main characters in the novel include Sir John Franklin, commander of the expedition and captain of <i>Erebus</i>, Captain <a href="" title="Francis Crozier">Francis Crozier</a>, captain of <i>Terror</i>, Dr <a class="new" href=";action=edit&amp;redlink=1" title="Harry D.S Goodsir (page does not exist)">Harry D.S Goodsir</a>, and Captain <a class="new" href=";action=edit&amp;redlink=1" title="James Fitzjames (page does not exist)">James Fitzjames</a>.</p><p>In the final chapters of the book, Simmons explores and uses various aspects of <a href="" title="Eskimo">Eskimo</a> <a href="" title="Mythology">mythology</a> to explain the existence of the monster (called the <i>Tuunbaq</i>) as a mythological creature made flesh, as well as its reasons for stalking and preying on the men of the Franklin Expedition.</p><p><i>The Terror</i> was nominated for the British Fantasy Award in 2008.<br clear="none"/><br clear="none"/></p><span>Text is available under the <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License</a>; additional terms may apply. See <a href="">Terms of Use</a> for details.</span><br clear="none"/>

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