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<span/><p><i><b>The Little Prince</b></i> (<a class="" href="" title="French language">French</a>: <span lang="fr"><i><b>Le Petit Prince</b></i></span>), published in 1943, is <a class="" href="" title="French people">French</a> <a class="" href="" title="Aviator">aviator</a> <a class="" href="" title="Antoine de Saint-Exupéry">Antoine de Saint-Exupéry</a>'s most famous novella. Saint-Exupéry wrote it while living in the United States. It has been translated into more than 190 languages and sold more than 80 million copies making it <a class="" href="" title="List of best-selling books">one of the best selling books ever</a>.</p><p>An earlier memoir by the author recounts his aviation experiences in the <a class="" href="" title="Sahara">Saharan</a> desert. He is thought to have drawn on these same experiences for use as plot elements in <i>The Little Prince</i>. Saint-Exupéry's novella has been adapted to various media over the decades, including stage, screen and operatic works.<br clear="none"/><br clear="none"/></p><span>Text is available under the <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License</a>; additional terms may apply. See <a href="">Terms of Use</a> for details.</span><br clear="none"/>

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