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<span/><p><i><b>"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!": Adventures of a Curious Character</b></i> is an edited collection of reminiscences by the <a class="" href="" title="Nobel Prize in Physics">Nobel Prize</a>-winning physicist <a class="" href="" title="Richard Feynman">Richard Feynman</a>. The book, released in 1985, covers a variety of instances in Feynman's life. Some are lighthearted in tone, such as his fascination with <a class="" href="" title="Safe-cracking">safe-cracking</a>, fondness for topless bars, and ventures into art and <a class="" href="" title="Samba">samba</a> music. Others cover more serious material, including his work on the <a class="" href="" title="Manhattan Project">Manhattan Project</a> (during which his first wife Arline Greenbaum died of <a class="" href="" title="Tuberculosis">tuberculosis</a>) and his critique of the science <a class="" href="" title="Education in Brazil">education system in Brazil</a>.</p><p>The anecdotes were edited from <a class="" href="" title="Tape recorder">taped</a> conversations that Feynman had with his close friend and drumming partner <a class="" href="" title="Ralph Leighton">Ralph Leighton</a>. Its surprise success led to a sequel entitled <i><a class="" href="" title="What Do You Care What Other People Think?">What Do You Care What Other People Think?</a></i>, also taken from Leighton's taped conversations. <i>Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!</i> sold more than 500,000 copies.</p><p>The title derives from a woman's response at <a class="" href="" title="Princeton University">Princeton University</a> when, after she asked the newly-arrived Feynman if he wanted cream or lemon in his tea, he absentmindedly requested both (not knowing that they would <a class="mw-redirect" href="" title="Curdling">curdle</a>).<br clear="none"/><br clear="none"/></p><span>Text is available under the <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License</a>; additional terms may apply. See <a href="">Terms of Use</a> for details.</span><br clear="none"/>

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